Starbucks Vs. Caribou and Naturopathica.

Hope you all had a great weekend.. and those of you who don't work on the weekends had good time off!! :)  We all need a little time off now and then.  I'm feelin' in the mood to go on a vacation. I don't know if it's just my lifestyle but I don't feel like I ever take a break. Like an ACTUAL break, away from school, no work, no side projects going on. I NEED ONE. I am crying out for one!!! But, I don't see one in my near future anywhere. :/ Anyway,  I'd like to talk about coffee. I used to be a HUGE coffee drinker when I lived in New York. I drank a few cups everyday. Now, it's rare if you see me drink one every two weeks. In Minnesota we have a coffee chain called "caribou coffee." They have free wi-fi. So, I usually go there when working on my laptop. But, I have to say, today for the first time in a few months ....I had a cup of STARBUCKS coffee because I was on my way to work and needed a pick-me-up!

Ohmygosh. Starbucks is SOOOOOO good. I love it way more than Caribou.

I think it's the richness, and bitterness in the Starbucks Coffee that I like so much as opposed to Caribou which always tastes light and sweet to me. And, the cup of Starbucks coffee brought back a taste I remember tasting many times in NYC and that brought back great memories.

Speaking of Coffee... I love everything coffee scented, and I have an ESPRESSO MUD COFFEE SCRUB! I recently tried some good stuff from Naturopathica. 

If you haven't heard of this company, Naturopathica has a holistic approach to well-being and they combine natural ingredients with state-of-the-art skin care technology. They emphasize taking a holistic approach and emphasizing how diet, herbal remedies, and mind/body techniques enhance beauty from the inside out.

So, Here's some things I've tried and that I enjoyed from this company.


This smells like rich espresso when using it as a body scrub and I absolutely LOVE that smell. This scrub has:

  •  Coffee Arabica- for scent
  • Black Silt Clay- A rich mineral clay known for it's deriving properties
  • Volcanic Pumice-to sweep away dead skin cells for deep exfoliation
  • Indian tobacco to cleanse and draw impurities from the skin
  • Indian Sarsaparilla-Clarify the skin
  • Shea butter-  a natural emollient used to moisturize , soften and soothe the skin

This scrub feels great, leaves my skin smooth and my favorite part is the scent. I love using this in the morning when the smell of coffee is most appealing!

I also really love Naturopathica's packaging. The dark blue and the light blue is very calming and delightful to look at. These are products I would leave out on my bathroom sink just for show because they look so fancy. :)

Another Naturopathica Product I tried is the PEAR FIG POLISHING ENZYME PEEL.

Here are the ingredients for this face polishing peel:

LACTIC ACID: a natural moisturizers and humectant for the skin

PEAR PUREE: aromatic pear puree , rich in enzymes, amino acids, alpha-hydroxy acids and antioxidants

JOJOBA BEADS: removes dead skin leaving soft and smooth

FIG FRUIT: natural gel derived from the fig, high in pectins, AHA’s and free sugars

BLACKBERRY LEAF:  anti-aging ; helps to firm and repair skin

CRANBERRY SEED OIL: nourishes skin and reduce the signs of aging with a balanced blend of omega - 3, 6 fatty acids, polyphenols, tocopherols and tocotrienols.

You apply this for 3-5 minutes then rinse. You can repeat this facial peel 1-2 times. It leaves my skin feeling very glowy and fresh. It smell's interesting. I can't quite figure it out. I can definitely smell the pear...and the other scent I must smell has to be fig.

Here is the Naturopathica website: I was just reading on their website that they have TRAVEL SIZES in many products. So check it out. Again, I love the blue colors used on their packaging.

Disclaimer: Naturopathica sent me these products free to consider for review. In no way did that change my opinion of these products. These reviews are honest and I was not paid.


LOVE YOU GUYS! Thanks for reading. Next post will be my SIGMA GIVEAWAY! Subscribe to enter. :-)