My Favorite Products from August!

Hey Everyone!   I wanted to let you in on quite a few of my favorite products from the month of August. I have been trying a lot of new things so a lot of these products are NEW favorites. These are things that have really stood out to me over the last month. Some of them, I have already done a review on or mentioned in my "Minneapolis Beauty Examiner"column. Others, I have not done a review on but I will probably bring up and review in the future.  

I will do another blog sometime and write " what's in my beauty box." That one will be all about what's in my makeup box that I use every day. That will also include some of my favorites. 

I have a lot to talk about so let's get started.  




 This skin spray is the perfect hydrating mist. I love to spray it on right after I wash my face because it makes my face feel cool and calmed and hydrated. It's like the perfect "drink for the face". I have already used way too much, and I'm down half the bottle  because I really like it.   Here is the SKIN BY MONICA website! 

A lip favorite is these Bare Essentials "Buxom" Glosses. These are sheer glosses that work as a lip plumper. I especially love the shade called "Dani," which is the pink on the far right. These are one of the first lip plumpers that feel like they make my lips look full without hurting them. I love them! I have gotten so many compliments and people asking what it is. They stay on for a REALLY long time also. Here is the Bare Essentials website where you can take a peek at these glosses! 

In the facial "moisturizer" category this Environ AVST Gel Moisturizer is my favorite this month. I am actually keeping this is my makeup box of the products I use everyday. I have been putting it on everyday before my foundation and it is so lightweight. I like that it is a gel and it's really hydrating and light. It's NOT sticky at all and it feels like it just melts into my skin. Often times with moisturizers , my skin gets red. This AVST gel moisturizer feels like it is helping irritation. It makes my skin feel amazing! Here is the Environ Skincare link: . Here you can check out the AVST skincare line and the moisturizing gel!  

For lip moisturizers The Sara Happ, "Lip Slip" and "Lip Balm" have really caught my attention this month. Aside from the adorable boxes and bows these products come in , they are a luxury lip item. I use the peppermint lip scrub first to soften my lips and buff dry skin. Then, I apply the "Lip Slip" It's a clear balm that is sooooo moisturizing, long-lasting and feels amazing. This is an EXCELLENT gift as well! Here is the Sara Happ Website: 

I cannot say enough good things about this AFA Cream Cleanser. It is my favorite new facewash....And, I'm almost out :( It removes makeup so easily and feels so gentle and hydrating when you wash your face. It doesn't have any strong smell and leaves my skin feeling clean and moisturized, not dry or dehydrated. I LOVE THIS FACEWASH. I will have to get more. Here is the website: 

This month I tried Deborah Lippmann nail polish and remover called "the stripper". I have the biggest problem nails ever and this nail polish remover saved me. It is not harsh, smells like lavender and has an easy pump on the top to dispense remover. It get's my nail polish off fast and easy. I would highly recommend this! I also LOVED the nail polish but I will have a post on those later. Here is the Deborah Lippmann website: 

OMG! This is definitely one of my new favorite mascara's. I thought with a name like LashGASM I wouldn't like it. haha..but seriously Too Faced got this right! From the first time I put this on it made my lashes longer than I had ever seen them before. It has a harder plastic or silicone like brush but it REALLY separates and lengthens. I will be using this till the last drop. Here is the TOO FACED website: 

This SIGMA TRAVEL BRUSH SET is my August brush favorite. This is the most complete perfect little brush's so cute and the brushes are really great quality!!  This little travel set is perfect for on the go or weekend trips away. You can win this now on my SIGMA BRUSH GIVEAWAY POST!! Here's the link: Contest ends tomorrow. Here is the SIGMA website where you can find their brushes and accessories to purchase! :  

 And, last but NOT least. My Baby Quasar! This is a light therapy machine that you use on your face. I have been using it for the past 2 weeks and I already notice that it helps clear up acne, is improves my skin texture making it feel soft and it's diminished any red pigmentation I have in my cheeks. I will do a FULL review of this product so you can learn all about it , but it is definitely one of my August Favorites!!! Here is the Baby Quasar website:  Learn about it! This tool is amazing!! 

Disclaimer: Some of these products were sent to me for consideration/review...some were purchased by me. I was not paid to write this article , these are my honest opinions and thoughts about every product.

Ok, so...whew, that was a lot of favorites! I hope you stayed with me. Dont' forget about my giveaway, it ends tomorrow! Sigma brushes and mirrors.