My Sigma Winners...and more August Favorites.

Hey Everyone!

I am loving this Fall weather.., it has been beautiful out! I realized today that I do not have classes. No books, no homework, no school! It's one of the first times that the school season has come around and I feel completely FREE! It's great!!!

First I want to thank EVERYONE who entered this Sigma contest. I got some great resposes to my question and some new subscribers. Thank you guys! And, thank you Sigma for allowing me to do this giveaway!

I used the fruit machine random name picker to choose my winners!!!

So , the winner of the TRAVEL BRUSH SET IS:

The winner of the ZEBRA MIRROR IS:

Ladies- please e-mail me your mailing address ASAP so I can get you your goodies! Congrats.. I am excited for you!! These Sigma Products are FANTASTIC! My e-mail is:

Don't be too sad if you didn't win! Because I am going to have many giveaways coming up!

And, if you want to check out all the new mirrors and brushes Sigma has just check out the website!


So, yesterday when I was writing my August favorites I left out 2 things and I wanted to share them now.

The first is the AMOR AMOR Perfume by Cacharel.

I LOVE this perfume. It is my all time favorite right now. I have been using it since I got back from New York 2 years ago. This scent is described as an  oriental scent  filled with fruits, florals, fragrant woods and vanilla. It brings back bittersweet memories and I can't get enough of the fragrance. I had first smelled this fragrance on a beautiful Amazonian tall model I worked with at a club in NYC. She wore it and she was tough, independent, and beautiful. I loved the scent and have made it my own since. My husband loves it too which is also a HUGE PLUS!

Another favorite this past month has been the Pur Minerals Tone Up-total eye fitness.

This is a light green gel that when applied leaves your eye cooled and refreshed and eventually your skin feels tight. I apply this at night and I wake up with NO puffiness. It definitely is doing what it says and I will continue using it! This is another August favorite. Here is the pur minerals website:

Disclaimer: I was sent some of these products for a review/trade basis and some of them I purchased . I was not paid for this review and these are my original and honest thoughts.


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Song of Solomon 4:7

You are altogether beautiful, my love; there is no flaw in you.