Beautiful packaging and a beautiful name: Mirenesse!

Hey Everyone! In attempt to make these blogs a little simpler I'm going to try something new. Instead of posting a thousand pictures...I'm going to make little videos using my camera of the products I'm reviewing so you guys can see them live and 3d. Plus, then I don't have to take pictures from every angle.

Each video will have some fun background music too! Let me know if you enjoy these more than the pictures. I still may post some photos because I LOVE taking pictures. But, I'm going to try this style too! Let me know what you guys think ;)

PR from Mirenesse cosmetics had sent me some make-up that I have been meaning to review. First of all Mirenesse is an Australian cosmetic company. It spiked my interest because of the BEAUTIFUL website and products on the site! Here is the link to the webpage:

Here is my video of the fabulous products they sent!


I'm sorry about the bad video quality. I am taking videos on my little digital camera. So, bear with me until I get a nicer video camera. If anyone has any recommendations of where I can get a good, inexpensive video camera for my blogs or wants to donate, feel free!

Onto the Review! The first product I want to talk about is the VIBRALASH mascara. As you see in the video above the container is a very sleek black and gold tube. I love its look! On the top of the wand there is a button that adjusts the speed of the vibrating wand. It has 3 speeds. This mascara is very cool..I love the concept, but it actually kinda tickled me while putting it on. I don't know why?!? Did that happen to anyone else that's used this? I still will use it but I use the vibrating part sparingly because it tickles!

Next product is the Velvet Maxi Lift Foundation-Air brush 18 hour wear! My shade is vanilla. This has an easy pump top and a sleek gold and lavender/grey bottle. It's beautiful and I love how long wearing and great this feels on my skin. It sorta reminds me of my Studio fix fluid from MAC. It has great coverage and feels lightweight.

Another product I tried was the super  long wear gel face colours. I got the Midnight Blue, the Chameleon, and the black. These are  long wearing cream eyeshadows that last and last. I really like the chameleon color. It's like a greenish  taupe shade and great for an everyday shadow. I can use the black and midnight blue as a gel liner with an angle brush. These long wearing gels come in really heavy glass jars! I love how high quality these are.

Last, I received powerlift wrinkle zero day refining serum and night refining serum. The day serum came in a white and gold bottle and the night came in a black and gold bottle. A+ for packaging!!! The great thing about these bottles is the built-in twist up pump dispenser. (You will see me twist one in the video). The serums are very lightweight. The day one is more creamy and the night is a clear serum. Both feel light and moisturizing. I can't judge on wrinkles but as far as a serum, these are something I would definitely use at my age just for a face anti-aging treatment. They feel good, and smell sweet.

I absolutely LOVE Mirenesse's packaging. It is one of the most beautiful packaging I have seen for cosmetics. Go check it out for yourself!

Disclaimer: I received these products for consideration/review. My opinions are honest and I was not paid for this blog.