My Mornings with Paul Penders...

Hey guys! About my title... Paul Penders is an organic beauty brand not a man. ;) Well, I suppose he is a man and that is a name, but not in this case. I am talking about the beauty brand.

I've talked about many organic companies but here is what you should know about Paul Penders:

  • It's an international brand.
  • It's known for it's skincare, cosmetics, and body products made of natural herbs.
  •  Each product contains LevensESSENTIE Gold, a unique combination of 22 ingredients that was developed by Paul's grandmother nearly 100 years ago.
  • The headquarters is located in  Langkawi Geopark, Malaysia.
  • There are no chemicals in the products.
  • They are never tested on animals.

Let's get into the fun stuff!!! :)  WHAT KINDS OF PRODUCTS does PAUL PENDERS have???????

Well, I'm very lucky and  got to try a few to share with you guys. So here's what I tried...

Time Release Jasmine Shampoo

This jasmine scented shampoo only lathers slightly when you apply it. It contains organic olive oil that will not only clean but add healthy oils to the scalp and hair to leave it healthy and shiny! It smells really nice. You can tell there are many natural oils and herbs in it because it smells like a herb cocktail!

The Conditioner I tried was the Herbal Lemon Conditioner. The Lemon Conditioner smells  wonderful and gives my hair some shine but I did not feel like it de-tangled that easily. If you have hair shoulder length or longer and like something that will REALLY de-tangle this is not what I would suggest. But, if you have shorter hair and love using products with natural herbs and oils... this is great!

Finally the Herbal Moisture Shower Gel.

This is a creamy gel, very hydrating and can be used as a body wash or for shaving. I loved the natural herb smell.

So, what makes Paul Penders so special? Check out this link for more information or to take a look for yourself at the products.

Disclaimer: As I mentioned Paul Penders sent me these products to try. I am sharing this with all of you because I want to. I was not paid for this blog post!

On a side note... I have recently watched 2 great cartoon/anime movies.

1. The princess and the Frog and

 2. Ponyo

If you have NOT seen either of these... I suggest you do. They will lift your spirits!!! Here are the trailers! 





BYE GALS & GUYS! Have a great night. Talk to you all tomorrow :)