Back to Blonde...Eufora...September Giveaway!

Hey Everyone! I have a lot to share with you today. :)

 First off, my sweet little baby Bear has been under the weather. He's not been feeling good and I've had to keep a close eye on him. Don't worry...we brought him to the vet and he SHOULD be fine in a few days. I love him so much and hate that he's sick.

Next up I want to talk about a company called EUFORA.  They have hair care products,  body products and aromatherapy. I have been using the URGENT REPAIR SHAMPOO & URGENT REPAIR REPLENISHING TREATMENT.

The reason I reached for these URGENT REPAIR products was because I am in the process of dying my hair back to blonde from being a brunette. I have pretty much been a blonde my whole life but decided to dye it brown to save money. Well, I learned that I just didn't like it as much and decided to go BACK TO BLONDE. Now, I really have to be careful with what I put in my hair and how I style it because I don't want to ruin it. I also have really LONG hair. So, this is why Urgent repair comes in.

Here is a photo of me blonde and brunette!

Oh, and that's BEAR again! The first is a modeling photo from 2 years ago.

So, here 's a photo of the EUFORA  URGENT REPAIR PRODUCTS & then I will tell you all about them.

The  URGENT REPAIR SHAMPOO is said to be for "depressed hair". (side-note) Ok, if my hair was ever depressed I feel like it is now. It is meant to detoxify your hair to give you soft lively hair, instead of dull, dry & damaged hair.

I LOVE this shampoo. It smells good, it lathers just enough and it makes my hair really soft. I also really like the bottle. It's a square shape and I think the green and blue label is very pretty.

The URGENT REPAIR REPLENISHING TREATMENT is meant to do a similar thing as the shampoo. Help turn dull hair into soft, healthy hair. I leave this conditioner on for about 5-10 minutes (depending on my patience) then I rinse and it makes both my scalp and hair feel clean and smooth.

Eufora makes a bunch of different hair care products for a variety of needs. To check them out...Here is the website: & I like what it says on the homepage. "We believe that deep relationships are built when people are free to be themselves." So True! Check out their webpage and see what they's a really beautifully designed page!

~~~~~~~~~~~GIVEAWAY TIME!!!~~~~~~~~~~

Something else that is exciting is... I'm doing another giveaway. Starting today..... Tell me your FAVORITE FALL ACTIVITY OR TRADITION BELOW ( & BE SPECIFIC).. and WIN! Rules are:

  • You MUST be a subscriber of mine (if you need help with that let me know. It's at the top right of my page.) I like to give away things to those who are a subscriber.
  • You must answer the question and submit it as a comment below!

Now, Here's what I'm giving away! A PURE BODY ORGANICS TRAVEL PACK. It comes with a body wash, body mist and body lotion.

And, Soulstice SPA nailpolish...

I always throw in other goodies also.

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 Disclaimer: I received the Eufora products on a review consideration basis. These are my honest opinions and I was not paid for this blog.

Love you all! :) :)