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Hi Everyone,   Fall is such a romantic and relaxing time of year. Don't you think? I just adore the smells and sights; pumpkin pie, crisp fall leaves, cool air, sweaters, hot tea, dark nail polish, boots, apples etc. etc.  

Oh! Incase you were wondering...BEAR is doing MUCH better. :)  


I think relaxing and enjoying time to yourself is just as an important part of beauty as any other. So, I put together a list of the things I like to do to relax and rewind:  

  • Take a hot bath or shower
  • Go for a walk
  • Bake (especially in the fall)
  • Drink some hot herbal tea
  • Watch a movie with my hubby
  • Play with my cat (bear)
  • Have coffee with a friend
  • Watch something funny - laughing is very relaxing for me
  • Go in my bedroom and shut the door (quiet and no noises)
  • Read fashion and beauty magazines
  • Light candles (I LOVE candles)

Speaking of candles there is a special massage candle that I personally love because it involves 2 relaxing qualities. Candles and Massage! JimmyJane has a brand new massage candle called the AFTERGLOW. There are 6 different scents, including cucumber melon, bourbon, dark vanilla, grapefruit, pink lotus and gingersnap. I have the Pink Lotus.  

This candle is multi-use- illumination, massage and skin care. When you light this candle it smells floraly and sweet and wonderful...let it burn and the wax liquefies into a massage oil. The candle has a pour spout on the side that you can use to pour the oil. DON'T WORRY. The oil doesn't get TOO's just warm enough to make you feel relaxed and amazing!  

The oil has these properties that are GREAT for your skin: Jojoba, Shea Butter, Vitamin E, Soy and Aloe! You can use this after a  bath to give your skin hydration and nourishment....OR, you can get someone special to give you a massage you deserve. That's my favorite way to use it! ;)  

The candle will burn up to 32 hours! There are  no parabens, phthalates, sulfates, petrochemicals, animal products or animal testing. These retail for $29 on the JimmyJane website. This would make a great gift for   Here is the link: for more information.  


The other product that's fun to use to relax are Mood Mists/essential oils or sprays. Essence of Vali is a shop located in the West Village on Christopher street in NYC. They believe that "self-love and self-care are essential ingredients to maintaining health and wellness." 

I LIVED in NYC for 3 years and  west village where this little shop is located is the cutest quaintest place for little hidden treasure shops! Essence of Vali has "sleep products", massage and bath oils, aromatherapy balms, botanical mists and parfumes. 

I love the botanical mists because they are easy to take with you or put in a purse and spray whenever,  wherever!  

The UPLIFT Mood mist is a happy and cheerful essence to boost your "blah" moods. It contains lavender flowers, spruce needles, bergamont peel and litsea cubeba. It has a uplifting fragrance to it. I want to keep this in my car because going back and forth to work and other places wears me out and get's me tired. These come in small 2 fl oz. bottles for $7 and also larger 8 oz bottles for wholesalers! 

There is also a soothing mist called "sleep". This mist is meant to help calm your stress, help you relax and have an easier time sleeping. It contains lavender flowers, cedar wood, marjoram leaves, and ylang/ylang petals. This is really nice to spray on your pillow or sheets at night. (And you all must ask, does this really work? Does it help you fall asleep?). From my experience, I do really like the smell, and I love filling my room with a good scent especially when I'm relaxing. It does make me feel good and help me unwind. I have not had that much problem sleeping lately so I don't know if it necessarily helps me sleep but it doesn't hurt my sleep. It smells good and is a calming scent. This 2 oz bottle also is $7 on the Essence of Vali website.  

Another product I have is a massage & bath oil in Relief. I LOVE the relief smell. It has peppermint, lavender and birch bark. I love the smell of peppermint in a bath or shower simply because it does seem to relieve tension. I feel like I have a lot of that lately and the Relief Scent is VERY soothing of my nerves and mind. For 2 oz the massage and bath oil costs $9.  


For More information about these products go to : 

Disclaimer: Some of these products I received as a trade for an honest review. All thoughts are my own and I was not paid for this blog.


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