Leopard Love:Too Faced

Hey !!   ...Ay yi yi.. where in the world did the last 3 days go?  I say I want to try to write each and every day and 3 days fly by like nothing.  

I wanted to tell you animal print lovers about an adorable little palette from Too Faced Cosmetics!  It is the Leopard Love Complexion Perfection palette. Here are some photos of one of the cutest bronzer/blush palettes I have EVER owned/seen.  






Top View
Open Side View

This Palette includes a  bronzer, blush and brightener. All three have a little shimmer in them but  they are not glittery. I was A-MAZED at how cute and convenient this little palette is for a young girl. (not so say that an older girl wouldn't like this but, I think the main age range would be 15-21). Not only is the magnetic palette leopard print but the cheek colors are leopard print! At $30 this is such a perfect little palette for a girl looking for a little bronzer, blush and cheek brightener/highlighter. 

The colors are not too intense..they give just the right amount on a fair to medium skin tone.
Another GREAT feature that makes me think this is more aimed at a more youthful audience are the pictures/guidelines on the back.
Back of palette

This little diagram on the back of the palette has an easy application tips! HOW CUTE!!! It also has a mirror inside so you can take it with you on the go. This is a leopard print lovers MUST HAVE fun beauty product!!! 

Another product that I need to mention from Too Faced is the LashGasm Mascara.
Normally, I do not like the flexible stiff molded brush like this one has but I LOVE this mascara. I don't know what is different about the LASHGASM molded brush than others but I'm telling you.........it works awesome!
I've tried about 100 million mascaras (ok , not that many but a lot), and this has been one of my favorites. It is REALLY dark black and separates and extends your eyelashes fast and easily. The only thing I don't like is the price is a little steep...$21 on the Too Faced website. But-that is average for a department /cosmetic store mascara.
**I think there is something to naming a cosmetic item after an... because NARS Orgasm blush is SO popular and LashGASM mascara is WONDERFUL!
So, that is what I have for you all tonight. Check out TOOFACED cosmetics if you never have: http://www.toofaced.com/index_001.asp I have to admit... I am a newbie to the line. And, so far everything I've tried has been REALLY adorable and great quality.
 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ :)
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Disclaimer: I received the TOO FACED products on a review consideration basis. These are my honest opinions or thoughts and I was not paid for this review. 


Thanks for reading.. xoxo