Social Networking- Biopelle & Illuminature Candles... + Bear Photos

Hey Everyone! I have been using some skin care products from a company called Biopelle. I wrote an article about these products here:

Anyway, I wanted to let you all know that they send out a newsletter and guess who was featured in it!? :) I will post the article down below.

 I also wanted to let you know that they have been very generous in letting me do a giveaway for all of you with some of my favorite products. I will let you know the details later today or tomorrow!!

Another very cool thing is that I am now on the Illuminature website.  If you are looking at the front of the webpage...down in the bottom right hand corner you will see a section called "reviews". You will see ~LOVELO~ under there!! Very cool. Here is the website link:

I've been very busy and will keep this blog post short. I'm going to include some of my favorite recent photos of Bear. He's such a strange cat sometimes!


mania 2

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more about AFA


mania 3

mania 4












Thanks for reading!!! Talk to you all soon.