Spongeables, Moroccanoil & 100 % Pure...

Hey Guys! Happy Saturday. I'm working today but I wanted to get a quick post up for you all. There are three things that I have to rave about this morning because I've been using them for the past couple weeks.

The first are Spongeables.  I have this one called the pedi-scrub foot buffer. I use it EVERY day on my feet. It's perfect because you don't have to add soap...and it's good for 20 uses (I think it get's much more than that though...). It cleanses, moisturizes, massages, and exfoliates your feet. It's a great shape for getting in between toes and the two sides are very useful. One for buffing one for cleansing. I think this is such a useful product. They cost about $7.50 a piece and you can get them at Rite Aid, Ulta, CVS and Wal-mart (select stores).

They have other ones for hands, body etc. Check them out on their site. http://www.spongeables.com/web/product.htm

The other product that I have to rave about today is the Moroccanoil for hair. It is an oil treatment that you massage through your ends while your hair is wet. My hair has been SO DRY lately and when I use this on the ends of my hair I feel like it's repairing my split ends. Plus, it leaves my hair very silky and shiny. :) I love this product and have to put it on every time after I shower. I'm not sure on the price on this but you can read more about it on the website: http://www.moroccanoil.com/en/our-products.html

Last but not least, the other product I want to RAVE about is 100 % Pure's green apple nourishing body cream. It smells like a dream. Well, my dream. I LOVE the smell of green apple. Green apple candles, spray, fragrance, lotion, body wash...give me it all. This lotion smells so strong of green apple and feels soft and luxurious on my skin. I love this stuff. I also love that this company uses 100 % natural ingredients. Check it out at the website: http://www.100percentpure.com/

This is what the tube looks like...I couldn't find a picture of green apple...but you get the picture.

I recommend all of these products for Christmas gifts or stocking stuffers. They are Fantastic!!!

Love you guys,