PACIFICA Fragrances

Hey Everyone!

Aren't beauty products fun?? I have a fragrance "gift recommendation" for you guys. It is Pacifica fragrances. Pacifica makes fragrance, candles, body lotion, body wash, soap and body butters.

I think it was when I was in 8th or 9th grade , but I used to spend a long time scanning the shelves at Sephora. In the fragrance section I remember the PACIFICA fragrance bottles really drawing my attention. I'm a very visual person, and I always thought these bottles and boxes were so visually enticing! Look BELOW , Aren't they so fun!??

When I first discovered Pacifica, I think my mom got me a fragrance for christmas or something. This was my first one, and I LOVED IT. It's called WAIKIKI PIKAKE. The name means peacock and jasmine, it smells of delicious sandalwood and jasmine. It's probably my favorite scent I have discovered from the line...but I have not smelled all of them! I also first tried this spray perfume, which is what I am most used to. These retail for $22. NOT BAD!


The other two scents I have tried are the newest one, California Star Jasmine and the Tuscan Blood Orange. Out of the two of these I'd have to say I like the tuscan blood orange better just because it smells so much of orange. It smells sweet and delicious and if you like oranges , you'd love this! The california star jasmine is a little too jasmine smelling for me. But, the Waikiki Pikaki is better! (In my opinion)

Also, I tried the roll on perfume and the solid perfume. The roll on is easier to apply then the solid but they both seem to stay on just as long. If I had to choose between spray, roll on and solid, I would choose the spray perfume.

Roll on retails for $12.00 and the solid retails for $9.00. I'm telling you they make a really cute little gift for someone who loves scents.


You can find these at Sephora stores, or Whole Food Grocery Stores. :) Pacifica believes in recycling and making all there products from natural and essential oils. Here is the "pacifica manifesto" that is written on their website. I had to share it with you all!!

"The Pacifica Manifesto.  Love what you do and do what you love.  Great waves
make for great days.  Don't follow trends, follow your heart.  Invent a new world and keep ties to
 the old one. Be an environmentalist.  Fearlessness is our most valuable
natural resource.  Bring your family along.  Romance, travel and adventure
are all in a day's work."
Here is the pacifica website for you all to take a look:
FTC: I did receive 2 of these products for possible review. However, my opinions about
 these products are 100 % honest as always and I was not paid for this review.
Thank you all for reading. Stay tuned for my next post : My top 10 MAC eye
shadow picks for dark skin tones.