New Beginnings, New Home

Hey Everyone!! Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and great weekend. I am exhausted from moving and that's why I have not written any beauty blogs for you guys. Thanks to some of our friends we moved about 90% of our things from 9 pm to 12 pm and then I stayed up till 3 am unpacking. Whew! It makes me tired thinking about all that again.

Anyway, I have a new place! This is the first time my husband and I have had an actual place to our own. I'm very very very excited about it! I've been putting things away all weekend. And, we have a Christmas tree up, with lights!! YAY for Christmas. :)

Maybe, I'll write a post soon and show you guys some pictures.

Anyway, this post is not only about my exhausting move weekend, I wanted to remind you guys I have a giveaway going on!!!! You could have your hands on the GONAILS nail growth formula by the end of this week. Just go to this link to find out how to enter.

My giveaway ends tomorrow at noon so check , (fergie voice) CHECK it out! :)

ok byeee!


oh, and BEAR...he loves his new home already. He likes to hide in cabinets and cry till I come find him. I guess he's playing hide and seek with me.