Best of Beauty for November: Sigmax Brush Line & Sultra "Bombshell"

Hey Beautiful Readers, I hope you are all having a wonderful week. I have so many "best of" products from November that I feel like I must break up my posts a little bit in order to share everything with all of you.

Here's my plan; I am going to be doing a couple, "Best of Beauty for November" blogs this week. Each will include 2 or 3 things that I have been using all the time, recently discovered or just really loving from the month of November. So each post will be reviews on a couple of amazing products! Also, these are all going to be things that I think would make GREAT CHRISTMAS/HOLIDAY  gifts or stocking stuffers! Let's get started.....

If you don't know already, I am a HUGE fan of SIGMA. Sigma is a beauty brand based out of Minneapolis that has an AMAZING line of brushes at affordable prices. They also have various cosmetic bags, mirrors and other little things. Naturally,  since they are based on of Minneapolis, I LOVE them. And, I want to keep you guys all updated on their fabulous products and recent launches.

Recently they came out with  SigMAX brushes. They were designed to give a flawless buffing effect which results in a High Definition makeup look. There are 3 of these brushes. A flat top , rounded top and slanted top. These brushes are quality, quality, quality. They are so tightly packed, and cashmere SOFT. The other amazing thing is that you can get all 3 off these brushes together for $42!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! These are seriously an amazing deal for quality brushes.

 I've been using these brushes almost everyday. The flat top brush is wonderful for buffing in liquid foundation! If you are looking for a  gift for the "girl who already has it all", I'm sure she'd love these brushes.You can never have enough makeup brushes. Right??? 

  And, you can't beat $42 for the three brushes you're getting here. For more information and to see these brushes closer up go to :


Another tool I love that would make wonderful holiday gift is the Sultra "Bombshell". The Bombshell is a 1" curling iron. You can create waves or curls you want with NO crease lines because this has no regular curling iron clamp. It consists of a smooth rod barrel that uses ceramic technology. A heat resistant pad for your counter top and safety gloves are included with the bombshell. Take a look at the Sultra website:

The "Bombshell" curling Iron was featured in the November 2010 Instyle Magazine that had Rachel McAdams on the cover!  

Stay tuned in for tomorrow's post I have to talk about a moisturizer I love, and some hair extensions!

Any questions about these products I showed today or anything else, leave in the comment section below!  

FTC Man: These are 100 % honest reviews. I was sent these products on a try for possible review basis but I am not being paid.

Thanks for reading guys!!