BEST of Beauty November: Le Angelique, WonderBar & Spongeables

Hey Everyone! I'm back to share more November favorites with you all. I had such a rough morning. We just moved into a new place and one of our cars was broken into, broke the window and front console. To top it off it is like 10 degrees Fahrenheit and scheduled to snow. So to put it mildly, this post may be a bit scatterbrained. I'm sorry.

1st things 1st. My winner of GoNails has not contacted me yet, and I really want you to get your product!!

Donna was my winner who commented on my GO nails post. I do not have your e-mail Donna, so please contact me with your info. If I don't hear from you by tomorrow at 1 pm central time, I'm going to have to pick another winner at random. So, please e-mail me! :)

Three things I have been loving this month. The first is:

Le Angelique hair extensions. These are 100 % natural human hair, with easy to clip in strips that can enhance the length, thickness or style of your current hairstyle. Each set contains h 7 Clip ins which are 18 Inch Long. You can get them in a variety of colors and you treat them like you would your OWN hair. Wash, dry, brush and curl.

My hair has always been naturally very straight and thin. When I put these in, I love the volume I can create and the thicker texture I get. I will be doing a full review on these extensions and talking more in detail. But, they are SO fun, and such a great product. They feel JUST like my hair and I had to tell you guys about them. Le Angelique sells other beauty tools and products. Go check out their website:


Next thing I've been loving is the WONDERBAR. I'm kinda impressed by this thing. It's been making my skin feel so good. It's an ALL IN ONE skin care bar that helps heal and detoxify skin. It's a PH balanced beauty treatment disguised as a bar of soap. This helps oily skin be less oily and dry skin be less dry. So really, it is for someone of any skin type. It is NOT SOAP, it's made of  Chlorey’nahre and Heilmoor clay of Austria. ???

I will show you a picture of this and you will NOT believe this little bar does all that! The website is super adorable too and has all the information you'll need. Check that out here:

This would make an awesome stocking stuffer or gift if you get the large size!!

Another great stocking stuffer are Spongeables. These sponges massage, cleanse and moisturize all in one. No need to add shower gel or soap. All you do is get them wet and use. I LOVE having these in my shower. They smell great and are inexpensive! Find them at Wal-Mart, CVS, Rite-Aid, and CVS. Check out the website here:

Has anyone seen the preview for Black Swan? I want to see that movie asap! Let me know, did you see it tonight??