Mission Trip in AFRICA~ A New Year

A lone giraffe in Nairobi National Park.

Hey Everyone!

To all of you reading this...Hope you had a wonderful holiday, and safe and happy new years eve and day! Today is New Years day and I am very excited for new discoveries and adventures that await in 2011!!

This is not so much a "beauty" blog but more a personal one...something I want to share with all of you reading, all my friends, supporters and people who view my blog. I have been wanting to share this with all of you because I was SO EXCITED when I found out about the opportunity, but I didn't know if we'd have enough funds.

Royce and I are going to AFRICA!!! Nairobi, Kenya to be exact. It will be in the middle of February 2011, so that's only about a month and a half away. I am so excited!  We will be gone for a little over 2 weeks and it is a trip involving missions work with Royce's home church AND to check out universities and programming for potential job opportunities. 

From the time Royce and I started dating he told me he wanted to do missions work over seas as part of his career. He's always had it in his heart to do this and I too share the same passion for travel, sharing God's love and word all over the world. Therefore, this trip is full of possibility and I am OVER THE MOON excited to go. :)

While I am over there, I am going to try to post as often as I can, but for that time period I will be only blogging about KENYA. It will be a lot of personal experiences with maybe some beauty posts mixed in. But, they will all be related to in some way.. Kenya. If you want to keep up with me while I am in Kenya , and experience some of it with me, make sure you subscribe to this blog so that you will automatically get an e-mail saying that I posted something new.

If any of you have connections to Kenya in any way, or know anything about the beauty industry in Africa, have been there yourself, or just want to give me some suggestions PLEASE feel free to e-mail me @ leolucky777@yahoo.com

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Talk to you guys soon. OH! Don't miss out, my giveaway for Fantasy Jewelry box only runs until tomorrow. Enter while you still can! And, thank you..all of you for reading my blog.