Goat Milk What?...

Hey Everyone! I just love to find new products that I think are fantastic! It is so fun to discover beauty products that are better than  other's you've tried before. The reason I say this is because I have recently been introduced to GOAT MILK STUFF. This is a company run by the Jonas Family of 10. Jim and Pj and their 8 kids. I love their concept and the fact that this is a family run business that has a really excellent product.  SOAP.

Truth is... I am not a huge bar soap lover. I've always preferred soap in a bottle, such as a shower gel or body wash. BUT- these soaps have changed my mind about bar soap. Here's why:

  1. The colors are all natural. They do not use dyes or synthetic colors.
  2. They only use high quality essential or fragrance oils to scent the goat milk soap.
  3. They use only natural fats and oils.
  4. They use raw goat milk from their own farm.
  5. Each bar is unique, no 2 are exactly alike.
  6. They come in a variety of colors, scents and textures.
  7. They look good enough to eat! (No, I wouldn't eat them, but you get the picture...they look good! )
  8. Each soap is packaged in really cute little sack.
  9. You get 3 free samples with every order!

Goat Milk Stuff also has liquid soaps, lip balms and some other products. If I try any of those and find that I love them as much as these bar soaps... I will let you guys know!

I tried fragrances, Pink Sugar, Black Raspberry, Oatmeal Milk and Honey, Luv Spell and Rosemary Spearmint. I love them all. But, in particular my favorites were Pink Sugar because it smells so sweet and delicious and Rosemary Spearmint because I love rosemary and I love mint, together they make a great combination. Especially for a hand soap in the kitchen!

**You can buy bar soap in the half , whole size or, travel size. [slideshow]

PJ Jonas told me that right now they are doing a giveaway!!! $50 that you can use to get any goat milk stuff products you want! It's HIGHLY worth it friends, so I would recommend entering!! Here's how you can enter:

1. "Like" Goat Milk Stuff on Facebook and then click on the sweepstakes tab.
2. Enter on Twitter:  http://wfi.re/4vfb7 
3. Go to the Goat Milk Stuff blog and click on the "enter to win" at the bottom of the page.

P.S. LET ME KNOW IF YOU WIN!!!! If you win the giveaway, I win $50 as well!! Or, you can go over to their Facebook page, sign up for the giveaway, and say hi LAUREN sent me. :)