3 Hair Discoveries that help dry hair remain silky

Hey friends, It's February 1st and this is my favorite month of the year. I absolutely loveee february. It's a fun month. My birthday is the 17th ;) and Valentines Day is the 14th. It's a short month that flies by and is full of hearts. <3

Plus, this February we are going to Kenya. So, it will be very exciting! My biggest beauty issue right now is fighting my frizzy dried out hair, and trying to maintain its silkiness. I live in one of the coldest places in the country...Minnesota. This winter has been so cold, so snowy and very unpredictable. So, I've had to find a good hair routine to help keep my hair looking somewhat healthy.

Here are 4 products I have not been able to live without.

1. MoroccanOil. The original moroccanoil treatment is something I have been using a lot of. I apply this throughout my hair when it is damp. It helps repair split ends, cuts drying time, strengthens and conditions my hair. My hair always looks and feels healthier after I use this! http://www.moroccanoil.com/

2. T3 Featherweight luxe professional hair dryer. This hair dryer is unlike any I have ever had. It is fast, fights frizz, keeps my hair shiny and is super lightweight. It uses ceramic and ionic technology and my hair looks less dry after using this blow dryer vs. any other kind I have tried. http://www.t3micro.com/

 3. GHD classic straightener. GHD makes the best straightener I have used to date. It gets so hot and makes your hair super straight in seconds. It heats up in less than 30 seconds also! http://www.ghdhair.com/

That's all for today. Don't forget to subscribe if you want to follow me while we visit Nairobi, Kenya for 2 weeks! It should be an adventure!! :) And, there will be plenty of pictures and stories.