Sigma Travel Brush Deal & Tip of the Day

Hi Guys! I love makeup brushes. I don't know what I ever did without them. Well, I do know...I did poor makeup without them. When people ask me if they are necessary I say, " would a painter paint without his brushes?" I feel like it's the same need your tools to make it look professional!

On that note, I found out about a good deal. Sigma has their travel brush sets with 7 brushes and a case for $49 dollars. That is a GREAT deal. Normally they are $59 and I think it's worth that also, but right now you can get them for 10 dollars less. Here is that link.Β  It ends March 11th so in 2 days!!!!

I have talked about these brushes in the past in one of my posts. I did a giveaway at the time for one of these sets (that giveaway is over. )

The other thing I have for you all today is a little tip. I know people say this one over and over but it means more than you think. SMILE.

I cannot even tell you how a smile from a customer at work makes my day. Or, a smile from a stranger. It could be anyone, but a smile goes a very long way. :) I challenge you, smile at everyone you come in contact with . :)

Love, LO