Spring 2011: Hot Trends!

Hey Beautiful Friends! I cannot believe that just yesterday we had a huge downpour of sleet and snow. It's almost the end of March and I was really starting to get excited with warmer weather. Spring is around the corner... but when it will actually arrive, I've yet to know.

There are 3 trends that I love right now for spring 2011.

The first is the feather earring. I saw many people with the "feather hair extension" but I realized that I'd rather have an earring that I could take out easily. If anyone knows great places to find more of these...let me know!!

The second trend is the hair accessory.Β  That can be a large flower, a bow, a decorative clip. I just love the added touch of something to the hair.

Third hot trend is the bright and unexpected color combinations! Anything bright, anything bold , anything risky. :)

:) Happy soon to be Spring!!Β 

Love- your Lauren