My Handbag Loves- Spring 2011

Hey Everyone! I love handbags. When I was young... I used to say that one day I would have my own handbag line. I love how creative you can get with them; I love that they are something you don't have to try on; I love that they are something you put your personal things in. :)

Classic or are a couple of handbags I love for this spring!


This bag is from the Prada 2011 Fashion Show. Wouldn't this make an adorable bag for books or folders? Upscale school bag maybe? photo found at

This is from Mulberry Fashion week Spring 2011. I know this is a little gaudy but I think with an understated black outfit this would be the cutest evening out purse. It's fun, girly and definitely an eye catcher. I found this photo at :

And finally, these two classic and fun Spring 2011 beachy type bags modeled by the beautiful Kate Moss. I found this image at

There we have it. Just a fun-springy blog for all the handbag lovers out there like me ! :)