Spice up Spring: 10 Quick Trends for Spring 2011

Hey Guys! Happy April! I didn't play any April fools jokes today and this series of trends I'm about to share is certainly not a joke. So believe me... these 10 trends are a fun way to spice up your spring!

1. Bright Bold Nails. The brighter the better, the bolder the better. It's not about nude, don't go for plain, try a fun color like purple or green!

2.Get Gutsy with Green. Green shades for eyes are very in for spring, try something new!

3. Add a Cool Clip! Cool hair accessories are fun for spring. Add a feather, or a geometric shape. Your hair needs accessories too. ;)

4.  Updo with a twist or knot. For a simple hairstyle in the morning, twist your hair into a cute knot!

5.Don't Fight the Frizz. This season the more frizz the better. Let your hair go wild and boost the volume with a "do" that is big and bold!

6.Bust out a Braid. Braids are so pretty. And, they're in!! Try putting your hair in a loose side braid for a low maintenance look, or you can put a few small braids in the front.

7. Modify Those Glossy Lips with Matte. I think Matte lips make a woman feel powerful; it's a more sophisticated look . If you don't have any matte colors, take a current lipstick you own and dust it with a loose translucent powder.

8. Glam up with Glitter. Add some sparkle to your life by adding glitter to your eyes. Pop some glitter on your lids or try a glitter liner. Try anything that will shine when you blink! ;)

9. Colored Liner Instead of Black. Try a bold yellow or orange liner instead of the usual black or brown liner this spring. After all, this season is all about color!

10. Slick Sleek Shiny Hair.  Think 80's. Grab some gel, slick back those wispy pieces and pull your hair into a ponytail or bun.

Hope you all have an AWESOME April!! I can't wait to do some of the reviews I have coming up. If you have any requests for me this month e-mail me at leolucky777@yahoo.com

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