Shopping Haul April 2011: Target & MAC

Hey Friends! Today was an absolutely beautiful spring day in Minneapolis. I am feeling so good now that the weather is starting to warm up and the sun is starting to stay out longer. I did a little shopping today...nothing huge but I picked up a few items for myself that are all beauty and jewelry! It's so fun to shop and pick up some "fun" items;  I believe that we all need that every once in a while. Even if that just means treating yourself to your favorite drink at  Starbucks!

So before I go on and on , let's get into some photos of the items I picked up from Target and MAC. :)

Let's start with MAC cosmetics. I picked up some cleanse off oil. You can see that on the left here. Cleanse off oil is absolutely amazing at removing all makeup no matter how much you have applied. I use this as my facial cleanser at night. About 2 pumps is all you need and it keeps my dry skin hydrated and I never feel too oily. It washes off nicely.

I picked up the light pink nailpolish on the left called "Ice cream cake". Cute name huh!? This comes out with the "Quite Cute" collection on Thursday April 7. :)

The final 2 things I picked up from MAC are lip pencils in In Sync (a very light baby pink) and Magenta ( A hot fuchia pink). I picked up these two because I thought they'd be a great addition to my collection for spring lip colors!

You all probably know by now...I love Target. I could spend so much money in that place. It get's a little dangerous! Here's what I picked up today :

2 pairs of adorable earrings. I love anything that has hearts. These gold drop earrings with hearts are just so pretty and will go with almost any color outfit! The other pair is silver drop teardrop shaped earrings with turquoise center stones. I love these! I love the color and am very excited to wear them.






The next thing I picked up from Target is an Elf Lip Gloss in the scent and color watermelon. This was $1 !!!!!! You can not beat $1. When I opened the packaging this gloss was in I could already smell the delicious sweet smell of watermelon. It's also just a fun pink for spring!

Last, I picked up two new nail polish colors that I thought would be nice for spring . Both of these were under $2. One is the color Mint sorbet from the Sally Hansen Hard as nails Xtreme wear color collection . The other is the color Dream on from Sinful Colors Professional. This bright purple is great for toes!


There's my fun little shopping spree on display for you guys. Maybe this will give you ideas, or just be an interesting read. Either way, it was fun and I wanted to share it with all of you!!

xoxo, Love LO