A Modern Makeup Sponge: Beauty Blender

Hi Beautiful Friends! I have been using something for a couple of weeks now that I really REALLY enjoy! Make-up brushes are amazing and wonderful for foundation. There are many different kinds you can use but if you're more of  a "sponge" type , or just don't have the money right now to invest in a makeup brush , I would recommend the Beauty Blender Sponge!!

This sponge is re-usable, washable, and a teardrop shape for great application for under eyes and around the nose.

To use: Get it wet , squeeze it out, apply however much foundation you want on your skin then, blend with the sponge.  The beauty blender sponge will increase about 30 % larger when you get it wet. When you're done, you just wash it out and let it dry until your next use!

What I like most: I like using this because it makes my makeup application look flawless. It blends foundation in so nice, and...I even put concealer on with it! It also feels very cooling since the sponge is damp. So, when I apply my foundation my face feel well hydrated and soothed.

Cost and where to find: The beauty blender website is http://www.shop.beautyblender.net/main.sc . On the website this costs $19.99.

Final thoughts: The Beauty Blender sponge is pretty amazing. It feels wonderful on the skin, takes seconds to use and blends foundation seamlessly. The only downside is the cost. $19.99 seems a bit steep for a sponge, but if you take into account that you can wash this sponge and re-use, it may be worth the money if it's something you enjoy using!

What's your favorite tool to put foundation on with? I'd love to know...answer below!

Talk to you all later!

LOVE Lauren