Have you Heard of BB Creams? BRTC Brand Review...

Hey Guys!  How is everyone? I was doing a lot of makeup for prom this weekend and that always makes me very busy and very tired. It left me little time to write something up for all of you. But, the good news is todays post is going to be very informal and interesting. 

Have you heard of BB Creams? BB stands for Blemish Balm. I was seeing a lot of  beauty experts talk about this product and I immediately wanted to try it. I recently have had the opportunity to try 2 BB creams from the BRTC brand. My opinion so far has been EXTREMELY POSITIVE. I LOVE this stuff. Why isn't it more popular in the U.S yet? That is my question... 

BB Creams are very popular in East and Southeast Asia. This is also the only known place I know that is selling them right now. They may have popped up in other areas but I am not aware of them. BB creams were first used in Germany  by dermatologists in order to help laser surgery patients. The cream was to help sooth and protect sensitive skin while providing some coverage for imperfections. Korean celebrities quickly found out about this product that provides natural coverage while hydrating and priming the skin. 

The interesting thing about this product is it's multi-use function, foundation, primer, moisturizer, sometimes it has sunscreen, other times it has brightening properties and other good nutrients for the skin! 

My experience, LOVE AT FIRST USE! The first one I tried was the BRTC Jasmine Water BB cream. 

This seems to have about medium coverage, it conceals very well and matches my skin perfectly even though it only comes in one color! AMAZING! It also feels very hydrating and my skin has been feeling so wonderful since I started using this a few weeks ago. It seems to dry to almost a natural or matte finish which I love. I don't feel like I need to even where foundation with this and the best part is I only need about a pea size amount. 

The other one I tried is the BRTC Gold Caviar BB cream. This one seemed to have a little lighter coverage with a satin finish. My skin tends to be oily to normal and I didn't like the finish of this one as much. But, I would definitely recommend this one for dry skin. 

This has only been my first experience with any brand of BB cream. But, so far my experience has been so positive and left me feeling like I need to try more!!

If you want to learn more about these products I tried and BB cream in general you can go to: http://www.brtcstore.com/newhomepage.htm    

Tell me, have you heard of BB cream? Tell me your experience. I have a feeling BB cream is going to be pretty popular in years to come. 

Love LO

Note: I received these products from PR. I am not affiliate with nor was paid for this review. My opinions are 100 % honest as always.