Loving One Love Organics!

Hey Everyone! Today is EASTER!!! The most joyus day for a Christian to celebrate. :) Easter always brings back such great memories for me. Another day we just had was EARTH DAY. I've recently been using a product that is very "earth friendly" and organic and I want to tell you guys all about it.

The company name is One Love Organics.  I saw their product called the "skin savior" being raved about in one of my magazines and immediately knew after seeing it was 100 % waterless that I must try it. See, the thing I've been learning about face wash, body wash, etc is that a lot of times there is a lot of water in the product. Therefore, it dilutes it which means you have to use more of it to get the affect you want. Also, their logo was very cute and caught my eye!!! :)

The Skin Savior is an amazing product and I realized that after having bronchitis for 2 weeks. I received my "skin savior" right before I got sick and decided to start using it while I was sick because my skin was so dry!!! I used it to heal chapped lips, nose and even on my skin and cuticles. Everywhere I put it felt instantly more hydrated. I kept it on my bedside table!  This product really does do it all when it comes to hydration. I'm thinking about getting one for my makeup kit so that when I'm doing makeup, I can put this on the model's lips first thing to make sure they are very hydrated and smooth come lip application! The best part is a little goes a long way, and all the ingredients are natural!

The other product that I have to absolutely rave about is the Easy Does It Foaming Cleanser. I am so picky about my face cleanser, but this one's AMAZING. A drop is all I need to clean, and remove my eye makeup. It's harder than you think to find a face cleanser that removes makeup effortlessly and cleans your face without leaving any greasy residue! LOVE this!


None of these products contain water, so a little goes a long way. All of the products are 100% pure, organic, preservative-free formulas.

Also, the packaging is really cute and classic! I think these look adorable sitting on my bathroom sink. ;)

Go to http://oneloveorganics.com/ to learn more.

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and Easter if you celebrate (I did!)


FTC: These products were provided to me by One Love Organics PR for possible review. I was not paid for this review and my opinions are all my own. My thoughts are honest as always! :)