Take You're Favorite Fragrance With You: The Travalo

Hey Everyone! It's true. You can bring your favorite perfume with you wherever you go. We all know you can't put your $70 perfume bottle in your purse and carry it with you for important moments...but you CAN bring the Travalo with you.

The Travalo is a pocket sized perfume bottle that you can refill from your favrite fragrance bottles.

This is the perfect way to bring your perfume with you in your purse for special moments or when you just need to re-fresh. The top cap opens up to a little spray bottle and the bottom fits on the top of your perfume pump so you can re-fill super easy.

Here is the video demonstrating how to use it! This is VERY helpful. [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n2IAmayTd8E&feature=player_embedded]

I love this!! It's nice to have a little bit of my luxury fragrance along with me in my bag! Go check out the website to take a look. http://www.travalo.com/ It retails on the website for $15.99.

Do you guys have a favorite fragrance? What is it...

:) LOVE Lauren