Eva Perfume and Pin Up Collection by Orly: Two Loves

Hey Guys! I want to share two things I am loving right now in May. The first is a perfume. It is rare that I find a perfume that I'm really crazy about. My favorite scent for a long time now has been Amor Amor by Cacharel. But, that is more a fall/winter scent in my opinion. So, I've been trying out some new perfumes and there is one that I absolutely can't get enough of.

It is actually the Eva by Eva Longoria Fragrance. I always find the "celebrity perfumes" to be questionably. I was never big into the Britney Spears Scents or Paris Hilton fragrances and it seems to be that almost every female celebrity now a days has her own perfume. But- celebrity aside, this scent is SOO good. And, I think it's the perfect Spring/Summer scent.

I have gotten I don't know how many compliments on it...and my husband even says it smells good. And Clean. (haha) which is a good thing.

This perfume was created with allergies in mind, Eva had said she is allergic to most perfumes, so this is very good for those sensitive to perfume-y scents. :)

It smells very light, clean and floraly and sweet. Here are the notes:

Opening notes: citrus, neroli, bergamot tea and aldehydes.

Sustained notes: sheer jasmine, muguet, violet and freesia.

Lingering notes: skin musk, amber and sandalwood

I have noticed, I love the smell of Violets. This has Violet listed as one of the notes which could be a reason I like it!

The other thing I'm loving is the super fun Pin Up Collection by Orly for Summer 2011. There are only 4 shades. But, they are awesome. There are 2 glittery shades and a hot pink and a coral.

The creamy coral shade called "coquette cutie" is my favorite from this collection. You can find these at orlybeauty.com or select Sally's and Ulta stores. They are $7.50 each.

I can see myself wearing these all summer! They are so fun. :)

Hope you all have a wonderful day!!

Do any of you have a favorite perfume or nail polish right now?