Pixi Make up - Succulent Lip Twin , and The Week of Makeup

Hi Guys! Did you enjoy my interview with Petra Strand of Pixi Makeup? Hope you did! The coolest thing was that after trying some of her makeup line, I got to ask her some questions! If you haven't seen it yet, here is the link: http://lovelo.wordpress.com/2011/05/25/interview-with-petra-strand-of-pixi-make-up/http://lovelo.wordpress.com/2011/05/25/interview-with-petra-strand-of-pixi-make-up/

Pixi Beauty, Petra's line of cosmetics have a new product called the Succulent Lip Twin's. It is an adorable little tube that contains lip balm and lip & cheek tint. They are not only a wonderful multi-use product, but their long-lasting, feel great on your lips and come in some bold colors for spring and summer!

The other item from Pixi I have tried is the "weekend of makeup". This is a kit that includes, eyeshadows, blush and lip colors all broken up by days of the week. There is a Monday through Sunday and each color is different. Petra talks about her influence behind this kit in the interview I did and posted yesterday. This would be a great kit to have if you are new to makeup and want to be able to try multiple colors and shades without spending a ton of money. This would also be great if you want something simple to take with you when you go on trips. This has so many colors and shades and is all in one little booklet!

Hope you all have a wonderful Friday! Talk to you all soon.


Love, LO