Quick Touch Ups for Makeup Lovers- Beauty Fixation by Japonesque

ATTENTION: Makeup artists and makeup lovers... there is this cool new product that is like the q-tip but better! They are pre-fill cotton swabs great for on the go and for multiple purposes! You can remove makeup, add lip conditioner, use them as a treatment before and after tweezing your brows, and even oil for your cuticles. The line is called Beauty Fixation by Japonesque. They are perfect for the "makeup artist kit" or even your travel bag for on the go, easy non-messy beauty touch ups!

Each box comes with 24 swabs and they cost $5 a box on www.aveyou.com. The different kinds are :

Makeup Remover/Touch ups- easily removes makeup!

Lipstick Touch up- quickly removes lipstick or touches up lipstick or gloss.

Lip Conditioner- Conditions and hydrates lips.

Nail Polish Touch ups- Easy to touch up and remove smeared nail polish on the go!

Cuticle Conditioner- Heals and protects cuticles.

Pre -Tweeze Treatment- Use before tweezing to help comfort and ease the pain.

They are very easy to use. You simply, hold the tip with the ring around it up...snap it off and the product flows down into the other end of the cotton swab which is the side you will use.

You  can find these at: http://www.aveyou.com/japonesquebeautyfixation24applicators.aspx   



Find more cool products at http://www.japonesque.com/