Favorite Makeup Remover Face Wipes...

Hey Everyone! This morning I want to ask you about Makeup remover wipes.... what is YOUR favorite kind? What is your favorite brand? Have you tried any you just love and need to tell me about???? I am looking for the best of the best!!

I have tried many different drugstore brands and some name brand cleansing wipes. Out of all that I have tried, these are my top 3.ย 

1. Japonesque Makeup Artist Wipes. ย These are really great at removing makeup, and they are very gentle and smell nice. It is nice how they are individually wrapped; I think this makes them last longer. These take off EVERYTHING! These are around $12.00 for a box of 20.ย http://www.japonesque.com/ย 

2. Yes to Cucumbers Natural Glow Facial Towelettes. ย  These smell so strongly of fresh cucumbers, I love the smell it's slightly sweet and very refreshing. They are also very soft and gentle and leave my skin feeling hydrated instead of stripped and scratched. :) These are fabulous and you can even find them at select Target stores. There are 30 in a pack and they are only $5.99!!ย Yes to Cucumbers - Natural Glow  Facial Towelettes - 30 ea

3. Detoxifying Cleansing Towelettes- up and up generic brand. The kind I am talking about is the generic brand of the Garnier Nutritioniste Nutri-pure Detoxifying Toilettes. These are Oil-Free so they are GREAT for eyelash extension wearers! They feel and smell nice also. I think I got mine for about $3.69!!!

**This photo is not the up and up brand but it is the product I am comparing to the up and up brand!!

So tell me, what's your favorite face wipe you've used???