Diamond Candles

Hey!ย  Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend. I am staying inside today for the rest of the day. We were outside earlier and it is extremely hot and humid, temps in the high 90's and a dangerous heat index. Since I am going to be inside, I turn to doing what I love to do, tell all of you about the latest and greatest.ย 

The candle I want to talk about today is from a company called Diamond Candles. These candles are not your ordinary candle, each one you buy comes with a ring inside, priced at $10, $100, $1000 or $5000. :)ย 

When I first heard about these candles, I was very skeptical because they sound gimmicky and I didn't know if the candle itself would be one I love enough to purchase. But- after reading the Diamond Candles Facebook Page and several reviews, I quickly changed my mind. I saw pictures posted of the rings that people had received inside and they were gorgeous (even if they were the $10 ones). The awesome thing about these is they are exciting, everyone loves a treasure hunt and looking to see if they got lucky and got one of the $5000 rings in their candle!

I received the cupcake scented candle and I was very happy about how long the scent lingered, almost immediately after lighting the candle the aroma filled the room. They are VERY nice candles, and burn for a long time. The Diamond Candles are made with soy and cost $24.95.ย 

The ring that came in my candle is a $10 ring but it is very pretty! And, I would love to have more of these candles, just to fish out the rings!!

Here are some more photos of the ring and the candle. For more info go to www.diamondcandles.com.


Love lo

( I received this from Diamond Candles PR. I was not paid for this review, and these are my honest opinions about the company.)ย