Eyebrows are Essential- How to Get the Shape You Want!

Eyebrows are one of my favorite features to perfect as a makeup artist. They help frame the face and bring out eyes making them look more appealing! Beautifully shaped eyebrows are stunning!!

These photos are perfect examples of amazing brows in hollywood! Some of the things I would recommend when trying to achieve a great shape are the following:

  • Don't pluck too much! Let your brows grow out and then if you aren't sure how you want them shaped go to a brow specialist and get them waxed. Sometimes bringing in a photo can help someone who's doing your brows give them a better idea of how you want them to look. (I've always done my own brows at home just by plucking them....it CAN be done. )
  • Use a brow powder or appropriate eyeshadow color in your brows with an angle brush to define them and make them stand out a little bit more. (Always air on the lighter side, usually the colors look darker on your brows once they are applied.)
  • If you already have thick defined brows, using just a clear eyebrow gel or clear mascara will help groom and keep the hairs in place.
  • Some people prefer using a brow pencil for filling in eyebrows. It tends to stay put longer, but can also look too harsh. You just want to make sure you use a pencil lightly so it is not too much. (I have tried over 20 brow pencils, the best I've tried is the MAC twist up pencil in the color FLING for blondes, LINGERING, for blonde to brunette, STUD for dark brunettes or black hair.)
Happy brow shaping!!!