Dry Brushing or Body Brushing and Green Tea Foaming Bath

Hey Everyone! The last two days I have been trying to just "relax". Instead of a daily shower, a bath is a great way to wind down and de-stress. One of my favorite products lately is a foaming green tea bath product from Deserving Thyme.ย 

This smells so clean and refreshing. It gets really sudsy and foamy in the bath. Deserving Thyme has really great aromatherapy spa like products that are super relaxing and smell wonderful. Here is the link to their site:ย http://www.deservingthyme.com/aromatherapy_line.php?categoryname=Aromatic+Spa&session=&categoryid=2&priceid=3&location=us


The other fabulous thing I have been doing lately is "DRY BRUSHING", or "BODY BRUSHING". Many supermodels and celebrities like Molly Sims and Miranda Kerr have said that they love body brushing because it helps reduce cellulite, release toxins and make skin super soft.ย 

Dry brushing will boost circulation. It helps the ย body eliminate toxins through the lymphatic system. This elimination process helps break down fatty pockets, responsible for cellulite. You can find body brushes at any local beauty store, Target or Wal-Mart.ย 

My skin has been feeling so much softer since I started this! I absolutely love it! It was a bit rough at first, but now I think my body is used to it. There are all different types of stiffness in bristles, so find one that works for you.**Use it in the shower or bath if you have more sensitive skin so that you have the warm water immediately on your skin after to help soothe it. :)ย 


Have a great day!