The Travalo and my fragrance, Wild Ginger...

Hey GUYS!! It is absolutely gorgeous outside today, I took my dog for several walks today and car rides because it was just too nice to be inside. Take a look at this photo I took and tell me the trees are not beautiful!

You know what one of my favorite scents in the fall is...ginger. I think it's such a warm, comforting scent and lately I've been loving the Thymes, Wild Ginger Scent. It is so delicious! It's kinda spicy, kinda sweet. I know why I love this so much, its main notes are citrus. This is what it contains, " ginger, piquant lime and tangy tamarind balance with a base of creamy vanilla, moist cucumber and airyambrette seed." This is quoted off the website; This scent is very comforting to me, it seems to relieve stress. That is why it is Brilliant for me! :)

This leads me to the TRAVALO. It's one of the coolest little purse sized items! It is a perfume atomizer, that dispenses 50 sprays. It is so easy to fill up and dispense and fits in ANY size purse or clutch! I have the Wild Ginger by Thymes scent in mine at the moment. It is the perfect little pick me up throughout the day!

They come in many different colors and you can continue to refill it as much as you'd like! 

Go to for more information on where you can get these cute little guys!

Hope you all are having a great Thursday!