I'm Trying It: Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Polish Strips

Hey Guys!  No Matter what topcoat or products I try, my nail polish always chips and starts to look bad only after  a day or two. I still have yet to try Shellac or Gel nails, but my first step is to try the Sally Hansen Salon Effect Nail Polish Strips. 

If you HAVEN'T heard about these yet, (I'm shocked), I'm kinda late at jumping on this bandwagon and trying these. But, they are nail polish strips that you apply on your nails and there is no waiting or dry time. There are different patterns and also solid colors. 

There is my hand with the strips applied. And yes, I am holding my hand up to my lips, I don't know why....BUT, you get a pretty decent idea of what they look like, it just looks like I painted my nails. I am hoping this will last longer than a week at least. It'd be nice to not worry about my nails for a good 7 days. 

They were pretty easy to apply, but I will keep you guys posted on my opinion about this product. It has gotten a lot of GREAT reviews...so I am looking forward to the next week of my "perfect nails". :)

Talk to you all soon.