LUSH Holiday Gift Ideas 2011

Hey Guys, I am dropping in to share with you all 2 really great gift Ideas from Lush this Holiday 2011. Lush has GREAT gift ideas for holiday that people don't typically buy for themselves. The two products I feature in this video are some holiday gift sets that would be great for a bath lover!!! :)

Here is the Lush website to take a look at more of their holiday products!ย

Both of these holiday set's feature bath bombs. You place them in your bath and let them fizz away . They slowly release fragrance, color and moisture for the bath! They are pretty awesome!! Not to mention, super scented!!!


Have a wonderful night everyone!

I wanted to share with you all that prayers can be answered, if you trust in ย God, trust that he can help you in difficult times, and that he will be there for you and carry you through any difficult situation . People may let you down, they may lie, and do hurtful things to you, those you trust may turn their backs, but God won't. Trust him and you can never go wrong.

Love Lauren