Kourtney and Kim Take New York and Those Amazing Lashes!

Hey Guys!! Hope you are all having an awesome weekend. And, I hope your Thanksgiving was memorable. 

Tonight is the season premiere of Kourtney and Kim Take New York. We all have heard all of the hype around Kim Kardashian's marriage, the wedding episode, and the break up. This season on the Kardashian's Kim and Kourtney are in New York and it the season that  led up to the break up. It's a never-ending Kardashian story that so many of us are hooked on. I am not saying this is a "healthy-addiction", the Kardashian addiction, but many people are entertained by the family and in particular, Kim Kardashian. 

So, how does Kim Kardashian always have those amazing eyelashes?

My guess is eyelash extensions. Her lashes always look miles long, sky-high, and totally captivating. Eyelash extensions are quickly becoming a hotter trend among women who want amazing look-at-me lashes, or even just a simple everyday look without having to wear mascara! They are super low maintenance and semi-permanent. 

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Hope to hear from you! 

Will you be watching the Kardashian premiere tonight? 

Love, Lauren