Pixi Ultimate Beauty Kit and NAKED Palette 2

Hey Guys! I just wanted to share with you guys 2 great palettes to be on the lookout for this holiday. Especially if you are looking for a great gift or an all in one palette for yourself.

I have mentioned it before, but I'll mention it again, the Pixi Ultimate Beauty Kit is an awesome value and a great all in one eye shadow, lips, and blush palette. ย Marlena of Makeup Geek did a video about holiday palettes and sets, and she voted the Pixi Ultimate Beauty Kit as her #1 even topping Stila, Lorac and more... You guys, Pixi Beauty products are found at TARGET! And, this palette is only 40 dollars. It has a great selection of eye shadows, lip glosses that have really good pigment to them and some great everyday blush colors!

Here is Marlena (Makeup Geek's) review of the palette and some beautiful color swatches of all the products in the palette!ย http://www.makeupgeek.com/reviews/review-pixi-ultimate-beauty-kit/


The other thing I wanted to mention is that for all of you Urban Decay fans, and those who loved the NAKED Palette, they are releasing a Naked Palette 2. I don't have the original Urban Decay Naked Palette but the 2nd one is definitely one I might pick up. There are some gorgeous neutrals in the palette.

I think it is set to launch tomorrow, December 1st. But, don't quote me on that...I am not exactly sure.ย 

And this is what it looks like! Gorgeous!ย  Hope this was helpful and gives you some holiday gift palettes to consider.