Nighty Nite Tonic Hydrating Mask by One Bath and Body

Hi Guys, My skin has been SUPER dry lately!! The cold weather takes havoc on your skin, often leaving it dry, flakey and dull. 

One thing that helps is, every single night I apply a really rich moisturizer and eye cream on. I do this all year-long , but in the winter it seems especially important because my skin is always more dry. I live in one of the coldest states in the, making sure I take care of my skin is crucial. 

Another thing that you can do in the winter to help hydrate your skin is use a hydrating mask. I have been using the masks from "ONE bath and body." These masks are called the Nighty Night Tonic Hydrating Mask. These are A-MAZINGLY rich with hydration!

Just a tip though, these kinda look scary on, so make sure you don't have to answer the door or talk to someone online, or even have a dog that might be afraid of freaky looking things. haha. 

All you do is put it on and let it sit for at least 15 to 20 minutes. Your skin will feel SO GREAT after!! The only place I know for sure you can find these is TARGET ONLINE. They are $1.99 each. :) 

Enjoy and hope you are staying moisturized and hydrated this winter!! Talk to you all soon.


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