Awesome After Christmas Shopping!

Hey Guys, When trying to think of what to share with all of you after the long week of Christmas festivities...I figured I'd write about something that may help you if you are doing any after Christmas shopping.

Right now, there are SO MANY after Christmas sales. I received a few giftcards for Christmas and I'm so thankful I did because it was so much fun to go out and shop.

  • H&M- has FABULOUS sales on women's clothing right now..there are shirts for $7-10 dollars and jeans from $10-20. :) I stocked up on some pants, shirts, cardigans, and tanks.
  • Bath and Body works- has 50% off their candles and 75% off a ton of bath and fragrances.
  • Express- (my husband had a giftcard) has a bunch of sales on their winter clothes!Β 
  • Target- 50% off all of there Christmas items.
If you go out shopping you are sure to find deals. They are everywhere right now!!!
I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas...I took a little time off but now I will be back with more posts. :) Excited to write to you all soon.
If you know of any great deals on after Christmas shopping, post them below!! :)
Love LO
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