Beauty Favorites from 2011

Hey Guys! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! WELCOME 2012!!! This blog is SO hard for me. I want to share with you all some of the things I absolutely LOVED from 2011 but it is SO hard to narrow things down, and I really hope I don't forget anything super important.

What I am going to literally just sit down, and whatever pops into my head that I know is absolutely one of my favorite "beauty" related product from the last year...I will tell you about. So, here it goes:

  1.  Zuca Pro Artist Bag. I use this whenever I do a professional makeup job. I LOVE THIS!! It's so useful and compact. I HIGHLY recommend this bag to any makeup artist or beauty professionals, it is absolutely worth it!
  2. Directors Chair for makeup. I got this chair for Christmas from my brother and sister in law and absolutely love it. This is going to be so useful. I think this is from amazon.PROFESSIONAL Tall Folding Directors Chair with Side Table, Cup Holder, Carry Handles, Side Storage Bag!
  3. The Tria Laser. Need I say more? An at home laser hair removal system that is easy to use and painless. The most you will feel is a sensation like a rubber band snapping on your skin. But,there are 5 levels you can choose. I have not written a full review yet because I am not done with my test. However,so far this has been awesome!
  4. BB CREAMS. I love this multi-use face product. It is truely my favorite type of foundation like product to wear at the moment. 
  5. SIGMA Brushes. I can't narrow down my favorite brush sets. But, these brushes are definitely one of my favorites because they're great quality and affordable.
  6. BECCA Cosmetics. I love this brand. It's new, the packaging is beautiful...and I'm loving their lip products and bronzer!
  7. Eyelash Extensions.I LOVE MINE & I LOVE APPLYING THEM. My new website will be up soon. And my Lovelo Beauty Facebook page: and my blog:

Love, LO

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