Look I'm Loving: Thicker winged Lower EyeLiner

Hey Guys! I found this picture of Rachel McAdams, which really inspired me to want to do a thicker winged out Lower eyeliner or shadow. I LOVE this look. P.S ,have any of you seen her new movie, "We bought a zoo" ? I am dying to see it!Pinned Image

Anyway, to pull off this thicker lower eyeliner look you want to take a neutral eyeshadow, a pencil brush and smudge it in a sweeping motion outward to make a lower wing. You can even connect it to your top eyeliner wing for an exaggerated cat-eye effect.

Then, highlight the inner corner to really make the wing you created pop!

As always, when I am inspired to do a look. I want to create a version of it on myself. :) Here's my very wintery, smokey thicker winged out lower eyeliner. On my skin tone, this smokey grey and black looks very harsh ...but next time I would try using some rich browns to do this look and it may be a little less harsh.

Hope this inspired you to PLAY with your makeup tomorrow. xoxo.

:) Have a lovely night!!

Love, LO

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