Erica~ What Eyelashes Look Like Before and After a "Fill" Appointment

Hey Guys! Today I wanted to show you all what eyelash extensions often look like before you get them filled, and then what they should look like after a fill. I get a lot of questions about “fill” appointments. A fill is your appointment that helps you maintain your eyelash extensions. Since extensions will fall out gradually, usually people need a fill on average of 3-4 weeks. Those of you that have had a full set before, if you go into your service provider with eyelashes still on, you will have something called a “fill” instead of a full set. Fill’s usually range from $80- $150 depending on the type of lash you need applied. :)

Erica just got her eyelashes filled and I wanted to show you guys what they looked like before and after. The photo that you will see is Erica’s lashes about 4-5 weeks grown out.

Here’s what Erica had to say: 

“Thank you Lauren for doing such an awesome job, you are one of the kindest people I have ever met.  These things are life changing! I have had mine done now for about 6 or 7 months, (by Lauren) and I am so happy I started them.

I had them done before by someone else in Minneapolis and it looked like I had only 5 on each eye. Honestly, there was NO WAY I could have made those things look good. So, I went into Lauren after a co-worker had referred me. I waited 2 weeks for the 10 that I did have, to fall off so I could start fresh.

I have been a stylist for the last 12 years and I currently own my own company as well as rent a spot to do hair. Make up has NEVER been this easy! I don’t even need much now! At least that’s how I feel about it. I also have 3 young boys and need to be able to go anywhere in a hurry. Having the eyelash extensions makes me feel like I can go anywhere fast, because I don’t need much make up. Thanks Lauren! ” ~Erica Conlon, December 2011BEFORE Erica's FillAfter Erica's fill

BEFORE                                                                                         AFTER

BEFORE                                                                                      AFTER

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