MY BIRTHDAY WISH.... 25 years today!

It’s my 25th Birthday today!! February 17th. Well, you might be reading this on the 16th because that is when I will post it, but for most of you, you will read it on the 17th . :) I feel so fortunate to have such a wonderful family. A family who has always believed in every dream and every wish I have ever had. They have always supported me through the crazy ups and downs that life takes. I am very happy to be surrounded by amazing people and married to my best friend. 

In my 25 years, I feel lucky to have gained strength and maturity while living in New York City for 3 years, spending half a year in Vancouver, BC as a newlywed, and traveling to Kenya on a mission trip last year. I want to see more, do more and most of all just try to enjoy each day one by one. 

I have gained large amounts of courage and learned a lot in the past year. I am happy to say that I am now proud owner of my own company Lovelo Beauty LLC. I am so grateful to all of you that have been supporting my beauty endeavors, and creative ventures over the years and I ask this one thing of you today on my birthday…

PLEASE go over to my Lovelo Beauty Facebook Page…Click  “like”  and post it on your wall for others to discover if you feel comfortable doing so, tweet it, or pass it on in some way.  This will really help me out!! As some of you know, I love to write and I have had a beauty blog for over 2 years now. I would love to continue and keep this up and your support means the world to me. 

Thank you all so much for your LOVE , I feel very blessed.

God Bless you all.. LOVE LAUREN

(C) Lovelo Beauty 2012