Non-Profit -Kony 2012 - Watch this Compelling Video

Hey Guys, I couldn't help but see people posting about KONY 2012 which made me wonder what it was , what did it mean???  Seconds after watching this I wanted to share it. 


Watch this video. It is powerful, and will compell you to say something or take a stand. You must know about this and spread the word. I think we all need to work together, to use our power in social media, money, and friendship, to help out more world issues like this.

KONY 2012  is a half-hour documentary, backed up by Invisible Children, that's tapping into the power of viral media to reach a global audience.

It's based on Joseph Kony - a warlord in Uganda responsible for the enslavement of 30,000 children.

If you haven't seen something about this in the News already, you will. I found this on some other You Tube Channels...and couldn't help but want to post it myself.


LOVE and God Bless


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