How to Wear Neon This Spring!

Hey Guys! Neon is HOT for spring. It’s fun, bright and bold, but they are not the easiest hues to pull off. So, if you’re a little shy but want to be trendy this spring…here are a few creative ideas of how you can incorporate Neon without going overboard and looking like a glow stick! :)

1. Try a neon belt with a neutral outfit. Pair one of these neon belts with cream, khaki or even black. 

2. Pair a neutral outfit (as seen below) with a bold bright purse or clutch . It will add a pop of color to your outfit!

3. If you’re not into neon fashion, try a bold bright neon lip, or bright eye color paired with a neutral lip. 

4. The least daring of the bunch but still just as fun, wear neon on your fingernails!!! :)

What’s your favorite way to wear Neon this spring?

Love, Lauren

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