The Mulit-Use Beauty Product You Probably Have at Home- Vaseline

Hey Guys, Before you start thinking… Vaseline? Who cares about Vaseline.. it’s nothing special. I just wanted to point out some things to you today about this very basic beauty product. 

I came across an adorable new Vaseline product called lip therapy. It is so tiny and

 cute and is the perfect size for your purse. :) I usually like anything if it is in an itty bitty size container.

 It’s a great lip product, to help protect and keep moisture in. I also use this at night before I go to bed to keep my lips extra hydrated.


I also was reading recently that Marilyn Monroe used to use Vaseline on her face to keep in young and soft. Supposedly, Vaseline is too thick and will not sink in and clog pores. Instead, it sits on top of the skin creating a barrier so that pollutants from the air can not get in,  and moisture from the skin can not escape. I have never tried this…but I’m curious.. have you tried using it this way???

Besides for dry lips, cracked elbows and knees, dry skin, and softening cuticles, Vaseline also has many other uses. I found a very interesting article if you are interested in more ideas for vaseline!

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The most interesting of all of them, was using vaseline on your eyelashes at night to help them thicken and grow. HAVE YOU TRIED THIS?? Does it work?? I’m curious to find out!!

Love, Lauren

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