Change up your Nail Routine and Biotin for Strong Nails.

Hey Guys! I’ve been really into trying different trends and ideas for my nails. My last post was about the KISS nail dress stickers that come in different designs.

Recently , I learned about CND (Creative Nail Design)’s Color and Effects. They have many different nail polish colors along with many different over lay polishes that change the way your polish looks. I chose to do the colors:

Raspberry Parfait Color with Ice Blue Shimmer Effects polish over top which changes the pink polish to look a little more purplish when the light hits. I also spiced up my nails by painting the ring finger with Poppyfield from CND.

I think it’s fun to change up nail styles, because there’s a million fun things to do with your nails. 


Have you heard of Biotin?? We all have this in our  bodies but some of us have deficiencies of biotin so taking an extra supplement can have multiple benefits. One being nail growth and strength. Biotin is good for your hair skin and nails so if you notice you have thin splitting nails, this may help give them more strength and help them grow faster!

I started taking some biotin supplements about 2 weeks ago and have already noticed a difference in my nails feeling stronger, and growing more quickly.

Love, Lauren


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