Kiss Nail Dress- Stickers for your Nails!

Hi!! I’ve been recently trying a new nail product. They are nail stickers that come in different designs and styles, and give you an instant manicured look without waiting for drying time. Nail Dress by Kiss are fun to spice up your typical nail polish routine.

These are SO easy. They come in a few different sizes, you choose the ones that work best for your nails…peel and stick. One trick is to use acetone or nail polish remover on your nail right before you place the sticker. It helps it stick better!

After you apply the sticker, you simply file it down to fit your nail. Mine have stayed on a good 3-4 days. They say they can last up to 10…but I’d say plan on a good 3 days that you can go without having to change your nail polish or design. They will start to peel at the edge of the nail..

I have tried the Sally Hansen Salon Effects, and I really prefer these Kiss Nail Dress to them. They seem a bit stickier and longer lasting. 

I received these to try from the LOVE VOXBOX that sent me to review and give an honest opinion. If you want to become an Influenster and see if you can try anything to review go to their website! Anyone can sign up. Once you sign up you start unlocking badges by taking surveys. If the team would like you to review something they will contact you!

If you would like to see more about the KISS Nail Dress go to:


Love, Lauren

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