Inspiration Boards for Any Room Of Your Home- Lashes and Makeup

Hey Guys! I think the springtime really puts me in the mood to be creative. Lately, all I want to do is create things! I had an empty bedroom wall that I wanted to decorate. So, I took out my magazines and cut out images of inspirational articles and photos , or just beautiful pictures that I liked that had to do with makeup or lashes.ย 

I put together these boards and hung them on my wall. I was then thinking, if any of you ever run into any magazine articles or photos that have to do with eyelash extensions or makeup, I would love you to send them to me, so I could expand my collages!! I find inspirational photosย all the time, but coming from some of you, they would mean a lot more!!! So , please donโ€™t hesitate- to ask me for my address if you find any you want to cut out and send to me that I could add to my makeup and lash collages!

You could do this for any room of your home with any subject you wanted, just make a collage that would inspire you . It is a much less expensive way to decorate a wall than to buy a fancy photo or piece of art.




Love, Lauren